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Assessor Course

An assessor is a person with the required knowledge and skills that determines whether the candidate is capable of doing the job at hand in their own particular field of expertise by collecting evidence, assessor assess people and not things. How is evidence collected? The assessor makes use of different tools and...

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Facilitator Course

Training Facilitators or Trainers are mainly used in Adult education, and use their expertise in a subject to share knowledge and to guide a person to higher level of competence. A Facilitator makes the process of learning easier by using outcomes-based training, which include booth theoretical and...

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Moderator Course

Moderation is a process which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in the NQF standards and qualifications are fair, reliable and valid How do you make sure it’s reliable?

It is the responsibility of the moderator to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome...

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OD-ETDP Full Qualification (50334)

The development of skills within and for the workplaces a priority within South Africa, as supported by legislation, national policies and strategies. Much of the needed skills development is carried out by people who have knowledge and skills within their area of expertise, but lack the required skills in relation to ETD.

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Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

A Skills Development Facilitator is a person who takes responsibility of a company’s skills related activities. Which Company should appoint a SDF? As per the Skills Development Levies Act, all employers of organisations that are registered for Skills Development levy purposes with SARS have to...